Multiupload-uploadify is a gem for multiupload using the uploadify plugin

Getting started

To gem add this to your Gemfile

gem "multiupload-uploadify"

Run the bundle command to install it.

Now you need run the generate command

rails generate multiupload_uploadify

Add this in your application.js

//= require jquery.uploadify-3.1
//= provide dependencies

and this to your application.css

*= require uploadify

To use the muptiupload gem you can use the helper method in your view

<%= multiupload_field :url => new_photo_path %>

and add this in your layout file

<%= content_for :scripts if content_for? :scripts %>

and in your controller you can get the files through the Filedata param

Photo.create(:picture => params[:Filedata])

if you want to know the id of the model you need do this

in your controller

photo = Photo.create(:picture => params[:Filedata])
render :text =>

and pass a javascript function responsible for handling the return of the request

<%= multiupload_field :url => new_photo_path, :options => { :onUploadSuccess =>  'myFunction' %>
<script type="text/javascript">
function myFunction(file, data, response){

any other parameter of the plugin you can pass using

<%= multiupload_field :url => new_photo_path, :options => { :buttonText =>  '"Upload Photos"' %>

devise + multiupload-uploadfy

if you use the devise gem you need pass the parameters of your session for authentication you can do it like this:

<%= multiupload_field :url => new_photo_path, :parameters => {Rails.application.config.session_options[:key] => cookies[Rails.application.config.session_options[:key]] } %>